December 14, 2016

Best of Seniors 2016

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Last week I did a behind the scenes blog post that gave you a glimpse into what we actually look like on a wedding day. It not as glamorous and it sounds, but it sure is fun 😉 For today’s post I’m excited to share my top 3 favorite images from each senior session this past year! I had a blast looking back through these and I won’t lie, I may have shed a tear or two. I miss every single one of these lovely seniors!! Thank you all for the laughs. This past year has made me so happy!! I can’t wait to see you guys wrap up your senior year and head off on a new adventure! GOOD LUCK!!

To start things off I thought I’d share the garden shoot. I’m still SWOONING over these images. I loved the soft pretty touches of the outfits, the florals, and the location. Not to mention the incredibly beautiful hair and makeup… Kacie’s so talented! To view more from this session click here.

jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_01 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_02 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_03

Lindsey wanted an urban location with boho vibes. I couldn’t think of a better location than Fort Collins! I am obsessed with the images from her session. I wanted each one of her outfits, and her hair is perfection. Take me back to this day!! View her full session here. jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_04 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_05 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_06

Jack’s style was laid back and cool. There’s such an ease about him. We chatted and laughed and waiting out the light rain. In the end, we captured some great images of this dapper guy. You can view his full session here.jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_07 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_08 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_09

Then there’s Katie. Sweet sweet Katie. She wanted greenery and tall grass. What a perfect little spot we found! I loved her outfits choices as well and couldn’t imagine this session going any better. To view more from her session click here! jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_10 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_11 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_12

The last big styled shoot that I teamed up with Kacie for was this EPIC sand dunes shoot! I still can’t believe just how incredible this was. It all came together and took my breath away. Seriously, dream. come. true. UGH who knew the sand could look so good!! To view more of these fierce girls click here. Trust me, you won’t want to skip this one…jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_13 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_14 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_15 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_16

Noah came to me looking for an urban session. He was so confident and sure of himself. He knew what look he was going for and didn’t disappoint! Noah made my job extremely easy and had me laughing throughout. What a joy it is when a senior guy actually enjoys his photo being taken 😉 View more of his session here. jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_17 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_18 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_19

This girl right here has been such a pleasure to work with! You have recognize her face by now… she was a senior model for me throughout the year and getting to know not only her, but her amazing mother and sister! They ended up feeling like family. The sweetest and caring people and we would literally do nothing but laugh and laugh! They are way too much fun to be around. Getting to watch Mykayla bloom in front of the camera. I seriously can’t believe the first shoot to the last… the confidence just shines and she’s so comfortable with who she is! I LOVE love love it. You’re amazing girl! View more from Mykayla’s session here. jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_20 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_21 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_22

Another senior guy and he too requested an urban session. Stephen feels more at home in the city than anywhere else. Getting to learn why and all about his passion for music was the highlight! It was a little funny that he thought he was there for ONE photo and ended up getting a full session 😉 I also got to catch up with his sister who I photographed the year before… working with siblings is a favorite! I like said above, they become family! To view more from Stephen’s session head over here! jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_23 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_24 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_25

Last, but not least… Natashia! This girl killed. I mean killed her session! She was so nervous saying she never likes her picture and holy cow! I was floored when she posed to each click of the camera just like a model and that FACE!! I was so blown away. Again, another killer session chosen and the images are incredible. I love my senior ladies!! Thank you for the hike Natashia 😉 View more of her Red Rocks session here. jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_26 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_27 jessi-dalton-photography-colorado-senior-photographer-class-of-2016-best-of-seniors_28Thanks for reading! Next week I’ll be sharing my favorite engagement images from 2016 so be sure to keep an eye out 😉


Special thanks to Kacie from Beauty Mark by Kacie for all of her talents. She did the hair and makeup of each girl!! So love her xx

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