December 7, 2016

Behind the Scenes 2016

Hey guys!

I first want to start off by saying thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition. I know that things have been quite, but we have a lot up our sleeves and can’t wait to get going on full speed ahead after the Holidays! We have a NEW brand and we’re in the process of moving our website ( and our blog over. It’s so exciting!! Well, to get us back into the swing of things we wanted to share a little behind the scenes look into our last wedding season. Hopefully you’ll get a few laughs out of this post… I know that we laugh until we cry when we sit down to go through the wedding images the day after!

Zach and I always arrive early to a wedding. We take that time to get our gear together, our minds in the game, and to scout a few locations that we think will work in a few different lighting scenarios. This usually leads to a mini photo shoot of each other 😉


How adorable is my hubby?! I love that he chooses to rock bow ties (yes, actual bow ties that you have to tie, but don’t let that fool you. I actually tie it 😉 haha)jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0002

This is definitely his favorite and usually ends up being a nice little conversational piece! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0003

He also loves to rock a good watch! Guys, what’s your favorite brand? We’re on the hunt to add another one to his wedding day line up 😉 jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0004

The full look. So handsome! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0005

He also happens to be the best darn helper. Like EVER and this year I finally got the proof… he helps hang the dress, he’s my light tester, and of course so much more (my favorite has yet to come). Seems like it should be an easy task right? It’s definitely not. It can actually be a struggle and some times we have to rock climb a little to get it just right! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0006

And of course the main reason I love having him on a wedding day is for his eye for details and the second point of view we get especially during a first look! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0007

He occasionally catches me taking pictures of him right before the ceremony begins haha At least this one is a little flattering… he usually gets me at my WORST! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0008

The flip side of that shot above… jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0009

This was one of the coolest ceremonies! There was a huge group of deer just meandering through the backdrop… Della Terra Mountain Chateau is so magical! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0010 jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0011

Once the ceremony ends, we swap lenses and cards, wipe away any tears, and take a quick breather before all the portraits begin.  jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0012

Again, we usually divide and conquer. Here we’re actually testing the lighting on each other just moments before the bride and groom walk through.  jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0013 jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0014

Loved getting to see this shot! I love my couples and this last happy moment before being sent off for a few minutes alone. They’re giddy and full of emotions! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0015

You would think lining up to send off the bride and groom would be simple, but most often the lines are uneven and too far apart so I make a quick run through asking people to squeeze together and the jokes that come from the guest during this time ALWAYS crack me up! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0016

Sometimes we get lucky with a really great sunset and the couple opts to sneak away. Here we knew our couple wanted this so we scouted a great area along the water and of course… tested the light 😉 jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0017

And here it is ladies and gents… the main reason why I just adore this man. He’s so freaking sweet and thoughtful. He’s there to shoot yes, but he always takes such good care of our couples. While I’m moving them from one location to another or posing them or finding the next spot with great light, he’s there to offer water and yes on occasion brings them a tray of food! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0018

Hey look another test shot haha can you tell as the day goes on that he gets tired of me asking him to step in or maybe its because he hates attention and knows its all on him now 😉 haha I might get a little joy out of making him do this! jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0020

SEE! So unflattering, but hilarious. I couldn’t even guess as to what was actually happening… I’d like to think I’m saying, “Hey get over here and let’s dance.”  But in reality it was probably, “I’ll be stationed here when the bride and groom are announced.” Or maybe it was pay back for getting him looking like Sasquatch hahaha jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0021 jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0022

And at the end of the night… we always try to get one image with our couple! What a year it’s been <3 jessi-and-zach-photography-lake-tahoe-wedding-photographers-colorado-wedding-photographers-behind-the-scenes-2016_0023

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  1. Marcella Janel Kirk

    December 8th, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Love my 2 former 1st & 2nd graders! When did U know it was the real deal??? Glad U R back in Nevada, bet your parents R 2! When visiting Fernley I’m still on Curry, no longer Green house, though!ha

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