October 19, 2016

2 Weeks Apart…

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Zach and I have been apart for two weeks now. I’ve been in Nevada setting up our new home while Zach’s in Denver working and waiting for the house to sell. We knew it would be hard, but this is what needs to be done right now. I’m thankful we get to talk several times a day and that we’re strong enough to make it through the distance 🙂 It hasn’t been easy. It’s been okay though. We’re both busy and it makes the days go by quickly, but there is nothing more we want then to be reunited in our new home. Until then, we’re flying back and forth to see each other. Last weekend I made a quick trip to Denver and as most trips go, it’s never enough time. It’s not easy saying goodbye, but our trip was fun!

We went to lunch, we shopped, watched The Magnificent Seven, and went to Anderson Farms! What a blast that was. However, it was WAY way too hot. We wished it had been a bit more of a Fall day… you know, a slight chill in the air and some hot cocoa for the corn maze. Regardless, we dominated it (after getting lost only a few times haha) and now we’re counting down until his trip to Nevada!

Today has been the first day that I’ve actually gotten to work in office. My NEW office! The first thing set up was my desk of course, but can you guess what was next?! My record player. With my desk and some tunes it was time to get work done and it was a very productive day! I can’t wait to get things sorted (it’s a huge mess… my old office vomited all over the new one) so I’m really looking forward to the weekend when I can finally start to organize a few things. Until then, there’s a few more boxes that need moved into the house and work to be done. So much to do. Ready… Set… Break!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Early morning flights are definitely not my favorite, but the views are unbeatable!


Colorado, your colors are too perfect and your mountains will always have my heart! jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0002

Getting to spend for days with this man was exactly what I needed <3 jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0003

If you haven’t been to Anderson Farms for this corn maze, you really should plan a trip! It was an absolute blast. Be sure to wear comfy shoes… its a long one 😉 jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0004

With maze one completed, we headed into the upper maze for the Farm Scene Investigation! We love these ones haha Missing our crime scene buddies, Jake & Kayla! jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0005

Seriously the views out here!! Love love love! jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0006

Another early morning flight… sad to leave! Thanks for the killer goodbye sunrise Colorado.jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0007 jessi-dalton-photography-the-tarbets-jessizach-colorado-fall-corn-maze-anderson-farms_0008

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