September 2, 2016

A letter to our dear clients…

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Before getting started, I have been obsessing over a song from A Walk in the Woods. I honestly can’t get it out of my head so I’m sitting here writing this with it playing in the background. Play it with me and continue on with this letter. It’ll almost be like we’re together. Or you’re the star in a movie with an epic soundtrack 😉 Okay now back to the purpose of this blog post…

Dear Clients,

Thank you for making the last five years of our lives and business so full of love, joy, and laughter. We appreciate the connections and friendships more than you will ever know. Honestly, there are no words to express our gratitude we have for you. Tears have been shed, both happy and sad.

Zach and I have been happily married for just over three years. It’s been the most wonderful part of my life so far, but we’re ready to take the next step. We want to be parents. We want to raise a little human. And we want to be closer to our families. The thought of starting a family excites us to no ends, but we’re 1,000 miles away from them. We had been playing with the idea of moving home for a few months now, but what a change that would be. I immediately dismissed the idea. Then I realized that Zach followed my crazy dreams of coming here and it was his turn to decide where we go. You know how the saying goes Home is Wherever I’m with you. So. True. It’s crazy and scary and I’m a little anxious about starting my business over, but after a week of thinking it through we were confident the move would be beneficial for our personal lives and business. With that being said, we’re officially moving back to Nevada!

This past weekend, I flew home and with the help of my parents we were able to go house hunting. Zach and I pulled a list of homes we had found, but there was one in particular that we really fell in love with. Well guess what? It was even more charming in person and earlier this week we put an offer on it. Today, we got the news that they have accepted our offer and we will close on October 7th!! Now that things are finalizing and we’re actually doing this thing… we wanted to let you all know.

We never would have guessed that things would go this quickly, but also couldn’t be more thrilled and excited for our new adventure! Our next step is to pack up the house and get it all down to Reno. At that point, I may need to bounce back and forth from Reno to Denver, but that’s not cheap. So, I’m doing my best to get all of my current clients well taken care of before leaving. Because we somewhat knew, I planned a head and only have a few clients left, but if you’re interested in a session before we leave, please let me know! I have a handful of sessions available. Otherwise, our goal is to return to Colorado a couple of times a year. We have grown to LOVE this state and the beautiful surroundings and can’t imagine not being here. As of the moment we’ll be back around July 1, 2017. When a trip is set in stone, we will be posting about it on social media as well as our website and we would love to see you again! Our hope is to work a little and play a little more because as you all know, the mountains WILL be calling 😉 We’re extremely sad to be leaving our friends, clients, and vendors, but we’ll be staying in touch… we’re not that easy to get ride of.

Things will get quiet around here as the month nears the end and we get closer to the move date. I will be posting our adventures on Instagram if you’d like to follow along and more updates will follow as I settle into my new office and get the balling rolling there as well. Reno/Tahoe friends, we’re coming for you!

With lots of love,

The Tarbets

P.S. We’d love for you to come see us in Reno, Tahoe, or let’s pick a destination and make it happen. Yosemite anyone? Hugs to you all!


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