August 24, 2016

Rio de Janeiro & the 2016 Olympics

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The past few weeks have been pretty quite around here and while I was doing my best to get images edited and up before I left or at least get things scheduled in advance, the stress was just too much. I appreciate all of your time and patience and even more, your support for me and my family. Most of you may know, my brother competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. It was an incredible experience and we couldn’t be more proud of him and the team.

While we were in Rio we hung out at the beach, toured a few sites, and got to cheer on Jake and Team USA as they represented our country. I am at a loss for words… Zach and I didn’t pack our big cameras or any awesome tech gear, but we did manage to take some photos with our cell phones. We had a great time and are excited to share Rio from our perspective 🙂

Up extremely early for our first leg of the trip… Denver – Nashville – Fort Lauderdale – Miami

Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0001 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0002

We stayed the night in Miami before taking off to Rio, but below are images from the Miami airport before taking off. I found not one, but TWO bookstores haha, and our delayed flight was a blessing because we got to Facetime with Jake before taking off! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0003 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0004

Rio bound!! Doesn’t Zach look super excited for the 8 hour flight hahaha! Dying… Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0005

Welcome to Rio! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0006 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0007


Our view from the room! I could get used to it… a pool right out from our room AND the beach is just to the left and down a level. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0008

First morning in Rio and we hit the walk path along the ocean! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0010

First day of competition and our group was READY! Let’s go USA!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0011

Most of our days in Rio were sunny and HOT (80-90 degrees and it’s winter), but a few days out of our time there it was gloomy and once even rained! That’s a winter I could handle.


Day two! Get it boys!!Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0013 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0014 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0015 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0016

I got quite the kick out of a text while we were in Rio… John sent me this from out on the floor and said he thought it was pretty funny. I’d have to agree 😉 Thanks John Cheng for the photo!

Jake Dalton

A break from competition requires early morning tea, a good book, and the beach!

Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0018One of my favorite images! I miss this view!!

Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0019 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0020

And our first adventure of the trip… a jeep tour through the Tijuca forest!Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0021

One of the largest Favelas in Rio…Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0022

Our first stop on the tour was this little overlook… it was a great view! Our hotel is in the cluster of buildings below. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0023 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0024 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0025

Our one and only monkey friend… A little hard to see, but look hard 😉Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0026 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0027 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0028 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0029 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0030

Beautiful views on the tour and hikes!

Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0031 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0032 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0033 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0034 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0035

The last stop on the tour was the Chinese Vista and the view were AMAZING! You can see Christ the Redeemer on the mountain top to the left, Sugar loaf is almost right in the center… the little mountain sticking straight up. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0036

A new day, new adventures! To Sugar loaf we go…Zach looks a little unsure of the cable car and how packed it is hahaJessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0037

First stop on the cable car… looking back towards where we got on. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0038

View back towards our hotel… And if you look carefully on the tallest peak you can see Christ the Redeemer. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0039

The first cable car…Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0040

The second one… Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0041 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0042

Seriously the VIEWS <3Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0043 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0044

See that beach behind us? That’s the famous Copacabana! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0045 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0046

Our fun group for the day and we’re getting our feet sandy on Copacabana!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0047 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0048

Floor Finals day!Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0049 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0050

Another great photo sent by the amazing John Cheng! LOVE cheering with this group <3 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0051 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0052

Group photo again in front of the Rings inside the Olympic Park! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0053

Last tour that we decided to take was to Christ the Redeemer… since we weren’t sure when we’d get back there and it’s probably the most famous landmark there! On the bus we had some time to kill before the train ride so we were taken to the Lapa steps. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0054 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0055

Going up the train we were given this incredible view for like 20 seconds… it was beautiful! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0056

Christ the Redeemer! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0057

And again… the views! Sugar loaf to the left and behind the inlet of water is Copa!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0058 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0059


After the tour it was to the beach and sadly the weather decided to get a little ugly… we toughed it out though. The sand is so incredibly soft! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0061

A quick visit to the USA House and some down time to hangout with Jake! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0062

Last day and it was lovely! Thanks for a great trip Rio!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0063

8 hour flight later, customs, an uber ride, and another airport… See ya Fort Lauderdale! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Rio-de-Janeiro-Olympics_0064

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope all these beachy photos brighten your gloomy day! Back to editing my friends. Have a great evening!! HUGS!

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