August 26, 2016

Mad Max Inspired Shoot – Great Sand Dunes National Park

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Kacie and I met earlier this year with big ideas for our seniors. We planned a few local shoots and one where we’d actually be traveling. Not far, but enough that we were nervous if anyone would take up the opportunity! Looking back, how silly of us to even worry. There was a lot of interest and the models we had were over the moon for the chance to get some epic images in a location that isn’t easy or something you see often.

We planned for months about wardrobe, hair, makeup, travel arrangements, etc. It was a shoot we were beyond excited for and it felt ages away, but then suddenly it was here. We woke up early on a Sunday morning, drove 4 hours South and checked into our hotel in Alamosa. Monday morning was another early one. We started hair and makeup prep and as soon as one model was ready, Zach and I jumped in the car and drove the 45 minutes to the Great Sand Dunes. Once the other models were prepped and ready, they too headed over and one by one we got each girl photographed and of course a few group shots. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and honestly the whole feel of the environment overwhelms me with such joy. It was something so unreal and emotional and fun. This is one shoot that I’ll never forget. By the end of the day those, true to what we were told, the storm came rolling in. We wrapped the shoot just in time to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before it actually set in, but the drive home… holy cow I’ve never seen it rain so hard and the hail! I wasn’t sure we’d make it out of some of those canyons. It was scary, but we made it and once we hit the freeway it was a race to get to a computer and swoon over these images.

Kacie did such an incredible job with each girl. It was fun to do something more editorial and edgy with the hair and makeup. We loved styling the girls ourselves too and overall this entire shoot has got to be one of my favorites. Each one of our shoots together has gotten bigger and better and I’m already dreaming of our next adventure. Thank you Kacie for all of your talents and for dreaming crazy things with me. Thank you to the girls who made this shoot better than we expected. They brought our dreams to life and I think it’s safe to say that I’m so obsessed with not only this shoot, but the location. Who knew sand could be so pretty 😉 I can’t wait to go back! Thank you to the parents for driving the girls out and trusting us with this little destination shoot. And lastly, my husband. He lugged all of our bags and gear, held the reflectors and diffuser, and provided me with a lot of emotional support. I love you all!! Now enjoy all these gorgeous images and for more… click here! There were so many great images that didn’t make it onto the blog.

Phew! I almost know what it’s like to send a baby off to school now haha a little piece of me is off into the world now and I hope you love them as much as I do. Happy Friday friends!!


Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0001 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0002 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0003 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0004 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0005 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0006 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0007 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0008 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0009 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0010 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0011 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0012 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0013 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0014 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0015 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0016 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0017 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0018Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0019 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0020 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0021 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0022 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0023 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0024 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0025 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0026 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0027 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0028 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0029 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0030 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0031 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0032 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0033 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0034 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0035 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0036 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0037 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0038 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0039 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0040 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0041 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0042 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0043 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0044 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0045 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Senior-Photographer-Great-Sand-Dunes_0046

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