July 20, 2016

Colorado Mountain Engagement – Maddie & Mike

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I first met Maddie at the Sara Gabriel Trunk show hosted by Blue Bridal Boutique. She was surrounded by her mom, aunt, and a few other members of her family. They were loud (heck yeah, my kind of people) and were constantly laughing. I was totally drawn to their excitement and energy. I knew I wanted to meet Maddie in those first few moments. She radiated complete and total joy and I am so thankful that we connected that day. It not only led to a great time, fun pictures, and of course more laughter, but it led me to their mountain engagement. Most of all it lead me to meet the man who loves and adores her. The connections they share are fun, real and intimate. It is a breath of fresh air watching these two talk about their life together. It’s sessions like this that remind me why I do what I do.

Editing Maddie & Mike’s engagement session has been a blast. It has had me swooning and giggling just thinking back to that day. I’m so happy that they chose to hike up to St Mary’s Glacier and even had the courage to get in!! Spending the morning with these two filled my heart with so much happiness. They are adorable and funny and I can’t wait to watch the rest of their love story unfold. Thank you so much Maddie & Mike for allowing me to document such a special moment. Thank you for the laughter and the incredibly sweet card that brought tears to my eyes. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and I know that your day will be everything you’ve hoped and dream and… so much more! Congratulations on your engagement and I wish you all the best on your upcoming wedding!

Right out of the gate and already these two were picture perfect!

Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0001 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0002

Loved their style! Great job coordinating it all Maddie 😉 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0003 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0004

I love this! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0005 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0006 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0007

Seriously, these two made my job easy. And they said they didn’t know how to pose… uh huh… You guys did fantastic! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0008

Fun moments and sweet moments… a lovely combination of the two during this session <3 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0009

So stinking cute! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0010 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0011 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0012

Maddie, those eyes girl!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0013 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0014 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0015 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0016 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0017

So happy we made the hike to the lake! It was a beautiful day for it!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0018

Okay so this is a favorite!

AND lastly… this freaking adorable image that just melts my heart! GAHH!! I love it and this couple. Thank you again Maddie & Mike for such a fun day! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Colorado-Engagement-Photographer-Maddie&Mike__0020Hair & makeup by Beauty Mark by Kacie

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