June 22, 2016

Washington Park Boathouse Wedding | Jessica & Nick

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Jessica & Nick were a pleasure from the start. They introduced me to a very special spot of theirs and it immediately stole my heart. Having such a place, especially for your engagement session, really adds something to the photos. Something that just you can’t put your finger on, but when you look at that photos there are no words. I knew that these two would have not only a fun wedding, but a heartfelt one too!

On the day of their wedding, Zach and I met them at St John’s Church for prep. The moment we walked in, we were greeted with warm smiles and hugs. What a way to start the day! Jessica was the calmest bride I think we’ve ever had. Her excitement was contagious as she spoke of Nick and their day that was about to unfold. Nothing fills my heart more than knowing that these two were head over heels in love and ready to make their commitment to each other. The ceremony was joyous and had everyone smiling. I’m telling you, this was one happy day! One of my favorite parts of the ceremony (besides them becoming husband and wife) was the bubble exit. These are quickly becoming a favorite of mine! It was so fitting for their upbeat day.

Thank you Jessica & Nick for having us there on your day. Being surrounded by your family and friends during the beautiful reception at the Washington Park Boathouse was unforgettable. The views were great, but the party… oh you guys know how to party! The wedding was a great representation of who you are and your love for each other. Zach and I wish you two a looooooong and happy marriage. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sheppard!

Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0001 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0002 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0003 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0004 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0005

This is adorable!Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0006 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0007

Moments like this just tug on those little heartstrings of mine! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0008 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0009 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0010

Jessica, you’re so pretty!! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0011 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0012 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0013 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0014

A patterned bow tie for the groom, yes please! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0015

Jessica and Nick opted to do a first look. This is always an intimate moment that makes me tear up. I actually get nervous too! I mean watching Jessica walk up and the anticipation of him seeing here… EEK! I want to cry, but just look at how happy they are! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0016 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0017

And after a few sweet minutes alone to soak up the first moments of seeing each other, we went into some formal portraits. These two are so natural and easy. I love it! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0018 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0019

I love this! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0020 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0021 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0022 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0023 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0024 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0025 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0026 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0027 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0028

The way they look at each other… it’s a beautiful thing. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0029 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0030 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0031 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0032

I LOVED this chalkboard sign!Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0033

The Washington Park Boathouse is pretty awesome. It sits right on Smith Lake and when the sun goes down… Wow! Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0034 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0035

I keep telling you, this crowd was fun! I mean just look at their reactions to the speeches… you two are the best! <3 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0036 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0037 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0038

And the first dance…Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0039

But then I had to steal them away for one last shot down by the water! I’m so glad they did. Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0040 Jessi-Dalton-Photography-Washington-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-Colorado-Wedding-Photographer_0041

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