March 23, 2016

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Remodel!

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This past weekend my parents came to visit. While the men went adventuring, my mom and I had one big project in mind… the kitchen cabinets! She recently remodeled hers and it looks fabulous (I was a little jealous!) I couldn’t wait to get to work on our kitchen. Below is a time lapsed video of us at work on the new kitchen and side by side before/after pictures! If you’re interested in doing a remodel… the steps are below! It really is that easy 😉


Before & After! I can’t believe how much more open and airy it feels <3

JessiDaltonPhotography_AnnieSloanKitchen_0001 JessiDaltonPhotography_AnnieSloanKitchen_0002

Steps to remodeling your kitchen with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:

First things first, we had to prep the kitchen for painting and to do that we had to tape up the edges. Once the taping was done, we were ready to paint! I chose to use Old White as the base and Old Ochre as the top coat.

Without having to sand and prime (the best thing about this paint) we were able to start painting right away. We painted two coats of Old White onto the cabinets. The first day of the remodel we were only able to get one coat on because we got a late start, but the second day we got the second coat on early. After letting it dry for a bit we moved onto the next color, Old Ochre. After painting the first coat of it and letting it dry, we decided we were good to go! No second coat was needed, but we did do a few touch ups.

Now the aging process begins… We used a little sander tool and sanded off parts around the cabinets to allow the Old White to come through. It really started to age the look of the cabinets and I was loving the results. After brushing off the dust we were ready for the clear wax! This was a pretty easy process. We used the clear wax with the wax brush and after the wax goes on, buffing it with an old t-shirt. My mom’s kitchen ended there and we definitely could have, but we wanted to go a little further and I am so glad we did! This step added a POP to the cabinets by using a small paint brush (or in our case an old makeup brush – clean it well!) and a dark wax. I then just hand painted it into the parts I wanted and mom followed behind to rub those in and lighten the wax in some places. The last step to complete the new look was to get the new cabinet knobs and pulls on! That’s when my husband, Zach, and my dad stepped in. They did a fantastic job and I’m now obsessed with the new kitchen!

When my parents left and the kitchen was painted, I did end up having to use a lot of elbow grease and magic erasers (if you haven’t used one yet… holy cow you’re missing out. These are AMAZING for cleaning!) The appliances sparkle now and it really does look like a whole new kitchen. I’m so in LOVE with it! And Annie Sloan chalk paint… already brainstorming my next DIY project!!

Thank you mom, dad, and Zach for all your help!!

Supplies from Simpler Times Designs in Parker, CO!

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