October 23, 2015

Natalie & Ryan – Downtown Denver Engagement

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Back in July I received THE sweetest email from a bride and groom searching for a wedding photographer. The email was filled with compliments of our work/website, shared passions for the great outdoors, and it really felt as if there was an instant connection. This was one of those moments when you just know deep down you have to have this client. Which is why when they responded saying they wanted to meet with Zach and I, I literally screamed. I had such a great feeling about Natalie & Ryan.

We met Natalie & Ryan at the newly remodeled Union Station and right from the start I was sold. They were so excited about not only their wedding at the GORGEOUS Della Terra Mountain Chateau, but also about us. It made us happy to know that they loved us as much as we loved them and to see how excited they were about having us document their story. Our couples are important to us and we always want to ensure we’re a great fit for them as well. Our biggest goal is to walk away knowing we served our couples the best we could, create an incredible experience, and to hopefully leave with a new friendship. I have no doubt that is exactly what will happen here.

Natalie & Ryan met at his sisters wedding. Natalie was the maid of honor and they immediately hit it off. Things wouldn’t come easy though with Natalie in one state and Ryan in another. So, they dated long distance until Natalie finally decided to moved from Indianapolis to Denver to be with Ryan. Long distance is hard work. If these two can survive that, they’re stronger for it one and two they can get through anything together. These two really are a perfect match. They are sweet, loving, outgoing and SO funny! Natalie, you are beautiful and such a breath of fresh air. I love how much confidence you have… we definitely have a lot in common and I can’t wait to get to know you better. Ryan, I love how easily you can make Natalie laugh and how sweet you are to her. You’re a true gentleman! Thank you so much for totally knocking your engagement session out of the park. I can only imagine the images we’ll capture at Della Terra <3 We are so honored to get the chance to work with you two. Heck, you both had me laughing the entire shoot so I can only image how much fun we’re going to have on your wedding day 🙂

Zach and I can not wait for your big day at such a special place. Thank you for trusting us with such a big moment in your lives. You two are truly amazing and we adore the love you two share. Here’s to the countdown, love, and to climbing fourteeners!


These two made my job so easy… jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0002 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0003 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0004 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0005 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0006

Our grooms have incredible taste when it comes to rings… Ryan, nicely done!! jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0007 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0008 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0009 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0010

These two really could be models… jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0011

Oh how I love love love this set! jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0012 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0013 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0014 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0015 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0016 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0017 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0018

How stinking cute is this?! Natalie & Ryan it’s just not fair 😉 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0019

And then we went back to where it all started… I love that they were up to taking a few risks and getting some fun urban shots! This location had been on my list for quite some time! jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0020 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0021 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0022

Love this one! jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0023 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0024 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0025 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0026

See, he always has her laughing… and the shots that came because of it are priceless! jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0027 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0028

It’s not everyday you get a client who’s not only willing (but it was their idea) to get in the water! How great are these?! jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0029 jessidalton_Natalie&Ryan_DowntownDenverEngagement_0030

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